Description as Decoration in Lisa Robertson's Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office

In Lisa Robertson's Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, I was fascinated by the idea that ‘description' functions as a decoration (in Introduction to the Weather, p.67). In this part, a ‘description' is considered as an important decorative work and an ornament that adorns mortality. Here the narrator relates ‘description' with decoration and act of filling spaces.

A description generally serves as an account of a person, a subject, or an event; and it being a decoration demands the ability to think with mindfulness. By decoration, it means that something is not described merely according to its formal characteristic or appearance, but there might be feelings added to it. On page 67 the narrator states, "Within that chiaroscuro, we need to gently augment the fraught happiness of our temporary commons by insisting on utopian delusions as a passage—like a wet pergola or a triumphal arch against blue". I come to understand that the narrator suggests that: when description acts as a decoration, it is filling in empty spaces that lay between an appearance of something with the intact it creates with us. As an example, on page 68, it is stated, "Recall the peculiar feeling of lassitude before a storm." In that statement, a feeling comes into a description that is to represent a storm. Here it is also suggested that description makes the thing it represents, and its decoration performs to what extent our interaction is with it. A description is "what makes 1 a.m, 4 a.m., 5:15 a.m." (p.68). It is what it is, with us involved in it. As part of the making of description, in the text it is also suggested that we are eventually creating something new by adding a generative commentary to the subject matter: "By ‘integrate' we mean: to arc into space without surface as if it were uninhabitable, flickering event.." (p.68).

When a description of something is being made, it starts from soft text, especially when feelings are added to it. A description that is decorated inside the mind exists. However, it might not be all written or physically appeared. It exists in the spaces between us and a person/subject/event. It stands between when no word is present, which is parallel with the definition of soft text that it "..occurs in the moments when no one is saying any words aloud, and yet you know the line is open" (Robertson p.2). The déco is a silent utterance in response to the subject that we encounter and try to describe.
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